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Enable multi-skilled agents with cloud solutions

Cloud computing has well and truly arrived, and a vast number of firms now utilise some form of this next-gen tool for their daily operations. With the rise of the multi-skilled call centre agent well documented, it is important to embrace the cloud and put solutions in place to ensure that telephone answering services staff are equipped with the right skills to excel at their jobs.

It is essential for call centres to use the right solutions to enable agents to handle consumer demands. Firms should look for tools that diminish queues. With intelligent routing algorithms, consumers get consistent service regardless of the channel, and queues can be kept to a minimum because managers can switch priorities across platforms.

It is also important for solutions to offer real-time performance monitoring so that call centre agents can see queues and change their status as needed. This helps reduce queue numbers whilst maximising agent efficiency.

Finally, having the option to manage both outbound and inbound calls is essential. Finding agents who excel at both types of calls is a rare gift, so it is important to optimise their efficiency. Cloud solutions prioritise inbound traffic over outbound traffic but automatically switch between the two when necessary, allowing multi-skilled agents to blend their calls throughout a shift. This benefits the business and gives agents a greater variety of work, which can increase job satisfaction.

Multi-skilled agents are here to stay, and they can be a great asset. However, companies must ensure they equip staff with the right tools if they wish to maximise potential benefits.

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