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Empowering agents helps tackle problematic customers

Direct CommunicationIt’s a fact of life that at some stage, call centre workers will have to deal with problematic customers. These people might be frustrated and angry because of a genuine issue, or they could simply be calling to cause a nuisance. Either way, it is essential for telephone answering services staff to be empowered to deal with such situations.

Empowering agents to think on their feet can be beneficial in a number of ways. First, providing people with more responsibility means they can personally handle more of the common, daily issues their customers face. This can benefit customer services quality greatly, with first call resolution increasing and consumers happy they’ve only had to talk with one person to get their problem sorted out.

In addition, it means that dealing with problematic customers is a little easier. In one example, a call centre experienced a male customer who would call repeatedly and hang up if a male agent answered. If a female member of staff answered the phone, she’d be subject to harassment and sexual conversation. However, when one agent received his call, she kept him on the line as police were called and dispatched to his address. By empowering this agent to use initiative and act promptly, the nuisance caller was quickly dealt with.

Giving staff more responsibility goes further than tackling customer issues. In fact, many agents will feel a greater sense of pride, which could lead to a rise in their performance and benefits for the call centre.

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