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Empower agents through failure and decision-making involvement

call-center-brokersEmpowering call centre agents can have a very positive effect on business, allowing individuals to fulfil their roles as efficiently as possible. There are also customer service gains to be made as agents are given the power to shoulder more responsibility. In addition, happier staff often leads to higher retention rates. For telephone answering services that want to empower their agents, involving the team in big decisions and allowing people to make mistakes are two good steps to take.

Being part of the decision-making process can really give agents a boost, making them feel that they are valued and committed members of the team. When making changes to shifts or incentives, for example, it’s wise to ask for agents’ feedback. Workers should be presented with the problem and then asked which solution would best answer the issue and cause the least disruption. Even if the final decision isn’t an agent-led solution, employees will still feel engaged in the discussion.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to allow people to make mistakes and learn from them. Not every bad decision is detrimental to business operations, and letting people go through with their ideas can be a good thing as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect. Some of the best lessons learned are those that stem from mistakes. Empowering agents comes from involving workers, even if mistakes are made. By training, nurturing and supporting talented agents, workforces can become a thriving place of innovation and productivity.

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