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Employers need to assess their company workplace realistically

young african american businesswoman working on computerIt has been revealed that many workplaces aren’t as great as employers believe them to be. A study found that although 46 per cent of executives thought their companies were great firms to work for, only 31 per cent of employees shared this view. This means that telephone answering services might need to take a hard and realistic look at themselves if they’re to make changes and keep talented agents happy.

The call centre is not considered the ideal place to work by some people, with a large section of society not enjoying the work involved. However, there are many perks to working in telephone answering services, and for those who embrace flexible shift patterns and ongoing social interaction, they can be a great environment. Nevertheless, a recent MetLife Employee Benefits survey showed that a lot of employers overestimate how happy their workforce is.

Tom Gaynor, the director at Employee Benefits, said: “There are significant differences between what employees and employers think, which implies that employers are over-optimistic about the success of their employee benefits and engagement strategies. The risk is that employers are wasting significant time and money acting on the wrong things.” He added that taking the time to listen to call centre agents is vital as it can show employers what staff really want.

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