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Employee freedom improves call centres

call centre computers smilingRecent research by Business Systems shows that almost half of call centres now utilise social media, with 69 per cent also using email to interact with customers. This indicates that the omnichannel strategy is increasingly being used by telephone answering services. For those that want to ensure such operations are a success, empowering agents is crucial.

Providing customers with a cohesive service across multiple platforms can be extremely challenging. Even call centres that have optimised consumer care on one channel can have difficulties rolling that quality of service into other areas, such as webchat and social media. To do it right, a company has to have skilled and empowered agents.

Putting together an experienced and skilled team is tough, and once such a team is assembled, it is vital to give the workers the freedom to do their jobs properly. Agents held back by red tape and strict rules are unlikely to excel and will not be able to offer the best care.

One of the best ways to empower agents is to adopt a Workforce Management (WFM) solution that provides employees with a variety of insightful functions and features. Solutions that provide incentives or allow agents to have a say in scheduling are ideal. Call centres should look to use a WFM tool that offers skills, coaching and performance feedback.

Agent empowerment is crucial for call centres. By arming employees with the right tools and a sense of freedom and responsibility, performance and production can be maximised for better consumer care.



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