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Employee engagement improved with gamification

For many call centres, it is all about the performance of agents and not necessarily about introducing games and systems to benefit employees. However, a new report has revealed that agent engagement can be significantly boosted by using gamification, resulting in better working practices and, therefore, happier customers using telephone answering services.

In the new Gallup report, it was shown that over 70 per cent of service workers in the US are not actively engaged with their company. This can result in poor performance and a waste of company time, ultimately leading to negative effects on a company as a result. The report defined engaged employees as those who contribute to an organisation, are involved and committed to their work, and who are enthusiastic about their job roles. According to the Contact Centre Association, just one non-engaged employee costs a company about 46 per cent of their pay in lost productivity.

Utilising gamification in the workplace requires the use of both team and individual challengers to drive healthy competition. Points can be used to recognise performance, whilst the use of simple systems should allow administrators to easily implement and measure new challenges.

Yochai Rozenblat, an expert in the field, said: “Gamification is a powerful tool to drive performance improvements, reward top performers, and lower turnover and training costs.” He added that if companies can foster engaged employees, customer services will benefit in the long term.

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