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Emotionally intelligent agents are still essential

Times have changed in recent years, and call centre recruiters are looking for new skillsets in agent candidates. However, traditional characteristics have not been abandoned entirely. In fact, employees still need many conventional traits. Telephone answering services that are recruiting this year must ensure their new agents are emotionally intelligent and great at solving problems.

Whilst newer skills such as flexibility and gadget savviness are becoming increasingly vital, agents must still be emotionally intelligent. This is because workers deal with a broad spectrum of people every day, and they need the right skills to connect with various customers at different levels. Being sensitive to a consumer’s needs is just the first step; agents need to then build rapport if they are to effectively solve a consumer issue.

In addition to being emotionally intelligent, agents are still required to be great problem solvers. The biggest priority for any customer services team should be resolving customer queries, and this often requires having a high level of problem solving skills. Agents need to listen to and understand the concerns of a customer before using this knowledge to find an effective solution. Being able to draw on past experiences adds to an agent’s overall knowledge and expertise.

It is important that call centre recruiters do not chase candidates who only possess modern skillsets at the expense of those with more traditional traits. This could lead to an uneven balance of expertise, affecting consumer services quality as a result.

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