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Emotional impact essential part of transaction journey

Call Center OperatorThere was once a time when a failed deal could be put down to being “just business” and considered far from personal. However, with modern consumers expecting far more from companies than ever before, adding emotional impact to the transaction journey is essential. By doing this, call centres can guide people toward a positive experience, helping to boost sales, productivity and loyalty.

The digital era has become focussed on consumers, with firms no longer selling only services and products, but also experiences. As a result, telephone answering services need to provide quality journeys that are received equally well by people’s brains and their emotions.

Some of the first firms to undertake this change have been those in the hospitality sector. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts’ Customer Experience Vice President Adam Geneave said that Voice of the Customer (VoC) tools have been used to make cultural changes, allowing agents to morph into ambassadors.

“We believe that a combination of emotional intelligence and design thinking enables us to turn customers into promoters,” Mr Geneave explained.

“So we are focused on ensuring that we deliver experiences that incorporate customer emotions. We are not just about creating a customer-centric culture; we believe in taking that further by enabling a customer movement,” he added.

One of the challenges companies face is how to measure emotional responses. Using internal KPIs to discover sales metrics is easy enough, but identifying how a consumer was made to feel can be more challenging. However, for those that manage to do this, positive changes can be made that benefit both company and customer.

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