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Email management important for call centres

Call centres have expanded considerably from their traditional role as a simple telephone answering service, and the modern age requires a multi-platform approach to be utilised. Even if call centres haven’t yet expanded into social networking and mobile applications, an email system should be offered.

There are several ways in which email management can be improved, and with Christmas looming, now is the ideal time to take steps to ensure that increased traffic is dealt with efficiently and effectively. Firstly, it’s important to have clear goals about how long email replies take, and these should be made to both staff and customer. Concise information is beneficial to clients, and by providing an automotive acknowledgement of email receipt that states how long people should expect to wait for a reply, a huge amount of passive and positive customer service can be achieved.

Another important management tip is to ensure that emails go to the correct person. Web forms can be easily customised so that technical questions and general queries can be routed to different people. This allows for questions to be answered quickly and professionally, without having to be referred. Meanwhile, utilising technology to group similar questions together allows call centre agents to make one response to several customers, speeding up reply times and reducing workload.

Christmas is an extremely busy time of year, and a lot of work is expected over the coming weeks. And, by getting on top of email management now, telephone answering services can put themselves in the best place to offer high-quality customer service.

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