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Eliminate frontline AHT with customer satisfaction scores

 120913-Great ways to target local customersAlthough Average Handling Time (AHT) used to be a key call centre metric, it has been replaced in recent years with scores that better suit customer services. There are various ways that telephone answering services can eliminate frontline AHT, including focusing on customer quality and satisfaction metrics instead. This allows a consumer-centric strategy to be adopted by businesses, providing better care to the company and the client.

It is important for managers to recognise that AHT is no longer a frontline metric. It should still be used for analysis purposes, but focusing on reducing AHT can actually come at the expense of providing good customer services and is therefore something to avoid. However, if companies have told agents they are allowed to spend more time talking with customers, it’s essential there are still ways to manage this so wait times and costs don’t spiral.

One of the best ways to do this is to convert AHT to a monthly metric instead of a target per call. It can then be combined with quality scores and customer satisfaction surveys. This helps simplify the process of identifying poor agents in need of training without having to utilise AHT as an incentive to do well.

For modern call centres, the focus should be on providing optimised consumer care. By removing AHT metrics from the frontline, agents will feel better supported to help customers instead of rushing through calls.

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