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Efficient contact routing essential for Average Handling Time reduction

Customer Service SurveyAlthough the Average Handling Time (AHT) metric may not be quite as much of a priority as it once was now that consumer service quality has taken over, it is still an important factor for call centres. For example, reducing overall AHT times can actually shorten the consumer journey, thereby boosting their experience. Having efficient contact routing operations is vital if AHT levels are to be effectively managed.

Over the past few years, the priority on closing calls quickly has been replaced by many telephone answering services as they seek to optimise consumer support instead. However, it is still essential to conduct matters in a timely fashion, and this is why AHT remains as relevant to businesses as ever.

One way to effectively manage AHT and achieve low rates without compromising on service quality is by creating efficient contact routing. Giving customers a choice to self-select their routing journey empowers people and can help reduce overall journey times by connecting people to the right agent. Call centres can adopt natural language speech recognition technology to make this process even more efficient. This allows customers to explain their problems in their own words. Contact routing rules can then be used to take people to the right agents.

Call centres should not be under the impression that AHT is a traditional metric that is no longer used. When utilised properly, it can be used to drive consumer care quality. By teaming it with proper call routing, the entire process can be optimised.

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