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Effective use of wallboards increases call centre performance

Wallboards are a well utilised resource in call centres, helping to boost both morale and performance.  However, telephone answering services do not always use these resources as best they can.  For companies wanting to really make a difference with wallboards, there are some important considerations.

Firstly, it is important to note that a badly constructed wallboard can be extremely boring and distracting to agents.  Therefore, if there is not enough time to get it right, it is best not to have a wallboard at all.  One way to increase engagement is to use wallboards tactically, providing messages to staff during extremely quiet or busy periods.  Messages should be kept short and concise so they are not misunderstood and can provide actual support to agents.

Less is most definitely more when it comes to call centre wallboards, and long messages and too much data can be information overload.  Details that are only relevant to specific individuals should be kept for division emails or desktop alerts.  It is also vital to ensure that any figures or metrics used on wallboards are easy to read, simple and easily understood.  Agents should be able to get all the information they need with a quick glance, not have to read text several times over before they fully understand.

Finally, call centres using wallboards must back up the messages and details being shared in face-to-face meetings.  Whilst the odd pep-talk can be used on wallboards, it is important to make sure the majority of information relates to people’s actual jobs.  As such, this should be referred to in meetings, giving agents clear goals and reinforcing previous targets.

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