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Effective diary management can save you time and money

Keeping abreast of a hectic work schedule can be a time consuming task. If you haven’t got a personal assistant or someone who can take or make calls for you, most of your time will be spent fire-fighting. This means you won’t be actively selling products or making new client relationships.

Making your business as efficient as possible is one way you can keep costs to a minimum and stop wastage of time. If you manage your diary from one location, you will be more organised and your business will thus be more organised.

Having someone personally manage your diary can make your day-today life much more organised and you don’t have to hire a person to do these tasks for you. You can instead form a partnership with a business that provides these services.

Solutions that a specialist diary management company can provide include:

• Manage consultations and add them to free space in your diary
• Take meeting reservations
• Inform you by SMS or email when you have a meeting and where the meeting will take place
• Confirm meetings and cancel meetings
• Always be available to take calls from clients who want to arrange meetings or cancel meetings

You diary management calls can be managed by a virtual receptionist, who will take your client’s phone calls and organise your busy working week.

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