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EE reveals queue-jumping service

For many call centres, long queues can be detrimental to the customer experience; the longer people have to wait, the more frustrated they often become. To get around this, many telephone answering services have implemented options from self-help menus to call-backs. However, one firm, EE, has revealed they offer consumers a queue jump facility that costs 50p.

As part of its initiative to ensure customers get the service they desire, EE’s Priority Answer scheme allows people to jump to the front of the line if they pay a small fee. Unfortunately, rather than being welcomed by consumers, there has been outrage from many who have said the mobile network operator isn’t treating customers fairly. It’s been a long established trait for the call centre industry to offer top customers better or faster ways of contacting support lines. However, this blatant attempt to divide their customers has backfired for EE.

A far better way to deal with streamlining calls is to utilise modern call centre technology that integrates traditional and digital channels whilst combining real-time and historical data to improve consumer support. Many people do get frustrated when they can’t get through quickly, but if the service they receive is of the highest quality, individuals are often extremely thankful.

One of the most important things for companies to do is let their customers know they value them. This is where EE broke a golden rule: blatantly dividing their clients. By focussing on service and not queue jumps, call centres can optimise their support.

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