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Educating agents vital to building positive branding

Headset, Telecommunications,It has been said many times before, but it is worth repeating that call centre agents are the frontline of building positive branding. After all, these are the employees who talk to consumers day in and day out. Therefore, they not only know how customers are feeling about products and services, but they also have a chance to change people’s views. One area that can help boost positive branding is through education. When employees are given additional knowledge and tools, it puts them in a better position to help customers.

Consumers utilising telephone answering services want to know that the agent they are talking to has good knowledge about a company and its products. Being able to talk in depth to customers can help put callers at ease, and it can also help boost first call resolution.

However, education isn’t only for the customers’ sake; training is intrinsically motivational. Agents will realise that gaining skills helps them open up new career opportunities, and it also shows them that their current company cares.

Traditionally, call centre agents were trained in classrooms; this system took them away from the phone lines. However, modern e-learning enables staff to help themselves during quiet periods. This means that employees can work at their own pace and not feel pressured to do well in a classroom environment. By motivating agents to improve their skills, companies can boost staff retention, agent happiness, and positive branding.

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