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Educating agents on absence promotes better resource planning

Two girls making notesResource planning can be difficult at the best of times, and when call centres have high rates of staff absence, trying to balance business operations can become extremely difficult. For executives who want to create a better and more conscientious workforce, educating agents is vital in creating a better working environment.

Although telephone answering services might not believe it, talking to agents about the impact absenteeism has can have a positive effect. Even one agent’s absence can have a knock-on effect for call centres, pushing up queue lengths and increasing the number of customers who abandon calls. It’s not only sickness that can have dramatic consequences; team meetings and even extended break times can also have an unexpectedly big impact.

One of the best ways to ensure agents stay on track is to instil a “Power of One” strategy wherein staff realise that although there are many workers, they are all striving towards one goal: to boost company performance. When employees realise that even one agent being away from his or her desk can result in a drop in consumer care, a better compliance rate can be seen. In addition, teamwork and motivation can often be maximised this way.

Educating agents on absenteeism might not seem like a high a priority for many call centres. However, simply explaining the negative effects it has can boost performance and productivity across the board.

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