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Educate customers for better data security

Facts mythsData security in the call centre environment can be a complex matter, and there are many times when the average customer in the UK simply does not understand how complicated it can be. This sometimes leads people to believe in long-held myths that are simply not true. For example, people may believe that call recording is only used for the purpose of training. It is vital to educate consumers so they know how to handle personal data security.

Speaking on the topic of myths in the telephone answering services, Eckoh’s Director of Payments Strategy, Cameron Ross, explained: “We find that many people are concerned about keeping their data secure but aren’t always sure of the best way to do it. There are lots of common myths when it comes to dealing with contact centres, some of which are a long way from the reality.”

One common myth is that calls are recorded for training purposes. Although this can be true, making a record of a call actually protects both the call centre worker and the caller. Discrepancies can be checked, and an accurate conversation can be recorded.

There is also the misconception that speaking payment details aloud is the safest option for customers. This is not true because both parties can hear the details, and although they might not have malicious intent, agents might write the information down.

Finally, it should be made clear that most agents processing payments are not put through a special security process. In fact, many call centre workers might be temporary staff members who have hardly been vetted at all. Therefore, dispelling data protection myths is essential to ensure consumers understand just how their information is safely secured.

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