GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Ecommerce Businesses Fall In Love With The Telephone!

Having exhibited at the Ecommerce Expo at Olympia this week, it’s fascinating to see how ecommerce business owners saw the potential of the telephone to increase their sales.

There’s three secrets that every ecommerce business needs to know about why the telephone is their best friend.

1) Reduce cart abandonment:
By putting a telephone number on your site, it instantly tells potential customers that you’re credible, and there if things don’t go smoothly.

2) Increase Sales:
People buy from people – so as good as Amazon are at trying to leverage the upsell, we’ve found that human cross selling is far more effective (and more than pays for the cost of the calls!).

3) Increase Customer Satisfaction:
Leaving customers with a great experience in their mind will encourage them to make repeat purchases when your email (or other marketing) literature hits. Our clients tell us that repeat purchases are higher from those who originally bought through the phone.

Who’d have thought that you could be an online business, but still offer the phone as a point of contact without it tying you down?

Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd

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