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Early chat bot adopters will have a big advantage

ChatbotThe emergence of the digital world has transformed business in many ways, from new ways to communicate through social media to growing expectations from consumers. In recent months, chat bots have been increasingly debated. Now, myClever has said that early adopters of this new technology could gain an advantage over their competitors.

In a new report, myClever explained that call centres that are willing to be innovative with the technology they use could raise their potential of meeting consumers’ needs. In a survey of 1,000 UK customers, 46 per cent expressed the sentiment that chat bots can hold the key to speedy services, allowing immediate and convenient online support. Meanwhile, 40 per cent suggested this technology could help identify the right human support agent for their needs.

The survey also helped dispel the myth that chat bots only appeal to millennials, with those between 55 and 77 years of age being the most likely group to benefit from this tool. These baby boomers ranked chat bot services, such as 24-hour support, answering simple questions and offering convenience, higher than those aged between 18 and 34.

myClever Managing Director Rob McNair said: “It’s exciting to see that both millennials and baby boomers are pushing for more innovation and are ready to adopt new methods of communication with service providers. However, the fact that the most preferred method of communication is the most personable – face-to-face – highlights where developers need to concentrate their efforts, ensuring chat bots bring about positive change.”

For telephone answering services that want to boost their innovation and raise the quality of consumer care, integrating chat bots into their strategy could make a big difference.

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