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Draft statement reveals plans to eradicate mobile and land call charge differences

Headset, Telecommunications,A new draft statement revealed by Ofcom shows that there are plans to eradicate the cost differences between making a mobile phone call and contacting a firm by landline. The changes would undoubtedly affect all call centres, both in terms of customer behaviour and legislation, so it is important to keep abreast of the news.

Telephone answering services have already had to deal with changing legislation regarding premium numbers for customer help lines. Now, Ofcom wants to drastically reduce the Mobile Termination Rate (MTR), which would bring connecting a call from a mobile phone more in line with landline costs. When the mobile industry first began, the costs of the MTR were required to help fund and sustain the sector so it could become established. However, it is no longer deemed a necessity, and it pushes costs up whilst resulting in complicated calling processes.

One likely impact on call centres is that they won’t have to worry so much about the cost of call-backs if mobile and landline calls cost the same. Currently, calling customers back if they’ve only provided a mobile number can be an expensive business. Meanwhile, with calling costs reduced for consumers, it is likely that many of them will use their mobiles for more customer services queries; this means that traffic levels in call centres could change.

The Fair Telecoms Campaign’s David Hickson said: “We are celebrating this as a move in the right direction and are looking forward to a day when calls to mobiles will be no different from calls to landlines. While many will be speculating the impact these changes may have, the overall result will be simplicity.”

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