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Don’t prevent customers from doing business

In the modern business age, it is essential for businesses to ensure they are doing everything possible to aid their customers. Call centres often tackle business from what they want to get out of it, not what their consumers desire. This can be a huge flaw, as shown in the recent show Undercover Boss.

In the new series of Undercover Boss, Oxfam chief executive Mark Goldring delved into the inner workings of the charity to establish just how frontline workers operated. What he wasn’t prepared for was the experience the street fundraising teams had; communicating with people on the streets was extremely challenging. When they did manage to start a conversation, they found that most people didn’t want ongoing payments but rather a one-off donation option. As Oxfam didn’t provide this, it was actually preventing people from doing business with them.

The show highlighted that many firms can be so focussed on their goals and targets that they forget to look at progress from the viewpoint of their customer. For telephone answering services, this means that instead of solely looking at improving metrics, such as first call resolution and queuing times, the actions of customers must be considered. Is the feedback from surveys being addressed? Have frontline agents got ideas of how processes can be improved?

By listening to agents and customers, useful business tips can be found to improve business. Whilst metrics do need to be examined, the views of clients should also be considered.

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