GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Don’t make excuses for bad customer service

In the modern era, it is imperative for call centres to optimise their customer experience and ensure that everyone has the best service possible. However, it is not always possible to provide high quality service to everyone, and at some point, a consumer is going to become frustrated or angry. It can be easy for telephone answering services to make excuses, but in such a scenario, doing so can often make matters worse.

Customer services quality also needs to be applied to all call centres regardless of the market they are working in. Some divisions, such as collections or complaints, might think it is highly difficult to provide customer service because of the nature of their work. However, even necessary unpleasant scenarios can be made positive, so every effort should be made to optimise these areas. For example, a call centre dealing with cancer treatment patients might find it hard to put a positive spin on things. However, patients will differentiate between the negativity of having cancer and the positive way in which they are treated.

In the case above, it is vital to know the difference between what and how. The “what” concerns the problem involved whilst the “how” regards the manner in which call centres deal with the problem. Understanding people’s needs and pursuing the process in a non-aggressive way is important if a positive spin is to be gained.

Good customer service is important in a world where bad news travels quickly. For all call centres, optimising consumer care in every department is vital.

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