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Don’t forget the importance of teamwork for flexible workers

call CentreModern technology has allowed call centres to diversify their workforce more than ever, hiring flexible employees who can work from home. However, despite the fact that these individuals are working remotely, it is vital for telephone answering services to remember that a sense of teamwork is still important.

One of the biggest risks in using virtual agents is that the sense of being part of a team is lost. In an office environment, strong ties can be built amongst workers. This doesn’t happen when people are working from home and logging in at various times of the day. As a result, remote workers are not always as committed to the job or willing to put in extra hours or shoulder additional workloads to help the team out. Any camaraderie amongst staff is usually lost.

For call centre managers, creating a sense of teamwork can be a challenge. This can be accomplished by holding formal work-time sessions with remote workers or bring people into the office once in a while. Social events are also an important step in building camaraderie, and it’s essential that virtual workers are included.

With flexible work becoming increasingly popular, it is likely that more call centres will come across this challenge in the coming years. For those who still want a cohesive team that supports each other, it is essential to make sure that flexible workers feel valued.

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