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Don’t allow hot weather to undermine call centre performance

With Britain noting a hot spell, millions of people across the country are focused on the heat and not their work.  In the workplace, it is vital to keep employees attention on the job in hand.  This has never been truer than in call centres, where attention to customer services must remain a top priority.

For managers running telephone answering services during hot weather, it is important to recognise the heat and deal with the consequences.  One thing that can make agents feel a lot more comfortable is if dress codes are relaxed, allowing workers to get rid of the long-sleeved shirts and suits.  In call centres this is particularly easy, as callers will be none the wiser if agents are dressed down.

Though a call centre schedule has to be carefully managed to ensure that there are always enough operators, a good way for managers to deal with the heat is to become a little more flexible for family events.  With the summer here and children soon to be on holiday, it is important to recognise that some parents may need a little leeway.  However, ensure that flexibility is not only offered to parents but to all workers in equal measures, allowing people to take advantage of summer events without compromising the call centre schedule.

Finally, offering ice creams and cold drinks in the staff room can be a great way to boost morale during hot weather and keep individuals happy.  With agents feeling positive, customer service will not see a dip in quality.

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