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Ditch formality for better social interaction

SocialmediasavvyCompanies have had to diversify over the past few years, integrating social media channels into their portfolios as a way to reach out and engage with consumers. However, engagement on these platforms requires less formality, and agents must be increasingly conversational for call centres to get it right.

In an attempt to maintain professionalism, many telephone answering services are extremely formal when it comes to social media. After all, these platforms are public and everyone can see what a brand writes. However, social networking requires a degree of informality and friendliness if customers are to really connect.

Businesses should think of social media interactions, such as those on Facebook, as being akin to having a conversation with a friend. It is about the connection and building a rapport, and on such media, people can be put off by formal language. There is nothing to say that an informal and friendly approach cannot be unprofessional, so agents must try and alter their behaviour according to their audience.

The first thing call centres should consider is the language their agents use. There is no need for big words or jargon; instead, ideas should be presented in a way that is easy to understand. For example, “apologies” can be replaced with “sorry”, whilst agents can “look into” a problem rather than “investigate” one. By simply changing the language, the entire tone of a conversation can be transformed, helping customers to feel relaxed and calm when engaging with brands. This can result in positive interactions whilst still managing to get queries answered and problems sorted out.

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