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Disposable agents cost call centres £500,000

Pretty Indian call centre employee.Employee attrition rates are so high in the call centre industry that many companies consider it a given and have developed quick turnaround hiring methods to fill staffing gaps. However, the average telephone answering services could be losing more than £500,000 each year simply because they are not placing enough priority on retaining agents.

Disposable agents are those who are easily replaced. They are not hired for the long term, and companies expect these individuals to remain within the firm for only a short period. Cutting the training time also means that new agents can be put to work on the floor faster than ever. However, this philosophy does not benefit any business in the long run.

An average 500-agent call centre, for example, will have to replace around 20 per cent of its staff each year. With the average on-board period of 13 weeks, this means that around £500,000 is spent on recruitment. This does not take into account the monetary value of lost experience or the fact that resolution times may increase because new starters are not equipped with the right knowledge.

Having high attrition rates also negatively affects customer experience. In fact, Aspect’s 2014 Consumer Experience Index showed that 72 per cent of people ended their business relationship after receiving bad consumer care. New agents who are unfamiliar with a firm are not always able to provide the best quality care, and this can lead to bad experiences for customers.

Call centres should make all attempts to reduce attrition and create a workforce of experienced, knowledgeable staff. This not only helps the bottom line, but it can also boost consumer care quality.

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