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Digitisation is transforming the role of call centre agents

Woman selecting phone symbol from holographic digital interfaceThe digital age has brought about many changes for businesses, with call centres having to meet higher consumer expectations than ever before. With a plethora of ways for customer experiences to be personalised and streamlined, the role of the agent is also changing. As digital platforms accelerate the complexity of interactions, telephone answering services employees must now adapt to new challenges.

In order for agents to excel, call centres must make the right challenges to facilitate growth. The agent desktop, for example, has become crucial to conducting work quickly and efficiently. Agents need to avoid re-keying data and switching between applications as much as possible, so desktop solutions must serve the appropriate data for agents to offer optimised consumer care.

There is also the need for increased levels of gamification in the workplace, especially if Generation Z is to be appeased. Employees from this generation require continuous positive feedback, immediate recognition and intermittent reinforcement to continue feeling valued. Gamification can be used to recognise people’s accomplishments and boost morale, helping to retain agents and create a culture of positivity.

Finally, businesses must utilise analytics to support both customer and agent empowerment. It is crucial to understand how agents use various applications, systems and processes if they are to be given the best tools to optimise their performance.

With the traditional call centre role continuing to evolve, it is up to executives to ensure employees have the right tools in place to allow agent growth and productivity.



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