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Digital transformation held back by integration worries

Technology in the handsNew research has revealed that many companies are held back from making digital transformations because of concerns about integration. In the modern world, it is becoming essential for call centres to adopt digital tools to support business. However, the low availability of resources, frustrating projects, poorly co-ordinated strategies and integration fears are hurdles that are too high for many firms to conquer.

In the latest findings from CCA Global, an expert in the telephone answering services industry, it was revealed that many people have concerns about their digital transformation efforts. One of the most highly reported issues was a problem co-ordinating departments, with 95 per cent of respondents citing this. Meanwhile, 91 per cent mentioned that budget allocation and scant resources stopped projects going ahead.

It was also highlighted that 45 per cent of those questioned said they expected to see significant expenses and efforts when it came to integrating digital technologies.

CCA Global Chief Executive Anne Marie Forsyth said: “Some of these issues may well be diluting the appetite of organisations to take full advantage of the benefits digital transformation can bring to contact centres. Despite the fact that 46% of respondents said a digitally transformed customer experience could be a real opportunity to differentiate their organisations and leapfrog the competition, it seems that integration worries across the company are holding back these projects.”

KCOM Executive Vice President Stephen Long adds that companies that are able to embrace digital technology can enjoy the chance to steer and innovate their future customer services strategy to gain a competitive edge.

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