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Developing web chat important for call centres

Web chat is becoming increasingly important for call centres, and telephone answering services that want to stay abreast of modern trends should do all they can to get this channel in place. However, implementing this new tool is not always easy. Luckily, there are some simple tips to follow that will ensure the channel is a success.

One important way of getting people to use web chat is to actually promote it. Many customers, particularly long-standing clients, won’t even know the option is available. By being careful not to deflect customers but simply educate them on web chat, the use of the channel will increase.

If more people are using chat, it is vital to ensure the service they get is as good, if not better, than other communication options. Chat needs to be personalised and not robotic. Quick routes often require cut and paste options. This is fine as long as additional conversation is personal. Professionalism is always needed, so it is vital to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors. In addition, if it is obvious a problem cannot be solved via the chat channel, call consumers to talk on the phone.

For consumers browsing websites, put web chat on a delay so that it does not immediately pop up. In addition, if call centres are using the channel, ensure there is someone there to answer questions. Finally, use short paragraphs to continue the conversation and keep things focussed.

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