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Developing a single uniform queue can benefit business

queueIn the modern world, call centres have many more avenues of customer communication than ever before. People once relied on telephone calls, but now consumers can contact companies via email, webchat, social media and even video calling. For this reason, it’s important to develop a uniform queue so nothing is missed.

There are many ways that a uniform queue can be beneficial. First, it can help prevent social media complaints getting out of hand. In the world of Twitter and Facebook, bad news can spread extremely quickly. If Facebook messages and live tweets can be routed into a queue, there’s a greater chance that agents will spot a problem and deal with it to prevent a major PR disaster.

Funnelling all queries into one queue allows call centres to expand their opening times with fewer staff. People might not expect a telephone call outside of business hours, but using a skeleton crew and responding to emails and tweets, for example, can have a positive effect on branding and consumer care.

Finally, for telephone answering services that develop a uniform queue, a better overall idea of channel usage can be gained. By analysing which platforms are used the most during the course of a day, resources can be better allocated for more efficient business operations. This can reduce costs and provide better customer care.

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