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Develop empathy for better customer satisfaction

CustomerEmpathy is an essential skill in the call centre environment, allowing agents to listen and understand each and every customer they interact with. With consumer care quality being such a big focus for modern telephone answering services, it is vital that empathy is present in a workforce because it means that companies can offer better care.

One good way to boost empathy is to make it part of the interview process, thereby hiring new agents who have a natural talent for this characteristic. Creating role-play scenarios during the recruitment process can be a good way to discover which candidates are able to listen, understand, and reassure callers.

Agents also need to have a certain degree of flexibility, allowing them to adapt their manner depending on who they are talking to. The best handlers know when to instantly resolve an issue and when to allow customers to vent.

Another step call centres can take to boost empathy is to ensure that managers and executives are leading by example. It is crucial to show respect to all employees. By treating colleagues with empathy, company culture will evolve to include it.

Finally, when it comes to training, it is a good idea to avoid teaching robotic phrases and focus on behaviours instead. This shows agents how to react properly to any given situation instead of arming them with set responses that might not help.

The focus of many call centres is customer care. Ensuring that agents have the ability to show empathy can lead to improvements in service quality.

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