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Demand for Outsourcing Increases

According to Caleris, outsourcing demand will double by 2020 in the U.S. and Europe, with regards to Level 2 technical call centres.

Caleris is a large company in the USA that helps with outsourcing. Though it is not a United Kingdom based company, its findings are relevant to the UK market, given their recent study. The company announced that by 2020 the need for Level 2 technical call centre agents will be double the current number in 2011.

The study revealed 75% of U.S. multinational companies use call centres. About 78% of companies in Europe also use telephone answer service options through an outsourced company. Analysts predict the growth rate will be 3.3% per year in which the outsourcing industry will reach £53.24 billion by 2015, which is only four years away.

Go Response provides UK answering and call centre services. The company works to find outsourced call centres in locations such as India to help you concentrate on your business and to leave customer services to the professionals.

Within each outsourcing company offering call answering services there are different levels of call centre agents. The experience an agent has determines how helpful they may be in the industry you require. A Level 1 or similar rating would be the least experienced, with a Level 3 meaning the technician has the most experience. Caleris feels that Level 2 agents will be in the most demand.

As demand increases for these higher level agents, your business may need to reconsider its current contract in the years to come to ensure you are providing the same level of customer service as your competitors.

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