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Demand for high quality customer services increases

A new study has revealed just how much the demand for high quality customer services has increased over the past decade. In ten years, the number of consumers willing to demand good customer care has increased by 73 per cent. This goes to show that call centres must hone their frontline services if they are to provide positive experiences for consumers.

In the research by NewVoiceMedia, it was also shown that 57 per cent of consumers are happy to provide feedback on businesses in order to let firms know they have given poor customer care. Meanwhile, 37 per cent say that the rise of social media has allowed them to easily share experiences. 64 per cent of people express opinions in feedback, whilst 12 per cent actively use it to discourage others from using a company. It was also found that the most likely group of people to let firms know about their poor performance are the over-55s.

Customer experience expert Martin Hill-Wilson said: “Customer feedback, whether delivered privately as most respondents still do, or publicly for others to witness, should of course receive equal attention and subsequent action. But there is growing belief and some evidence that organisations become more motivated to improve their customer service when it is on show via a social network.”

The findings are nothing new for telephone answering services, but they go to show how important modern consumer care is. It is useful for businesses to know that people feel empowered to spread experiences, particularly if they were negative.

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