GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Decrease hold and wrap times with training and resources

Although call centres are in place to offer consumers the best service possible, it is vital that the performance of agents is the best that it can be.  By ensuring that individuals can move through calls quickly this allows telephone answering services to give fast and direct responses to customers, helping to drive up good consumer performance.  By addressing long hold and wrap times, call centres can better their business as a whole.

Putting consumers on hold is often frowned upon in the current age, with agents instead trying to multitask by talking to consumers whilst filling out the appropriate onscreen details.  For those who are unable to multitask, details often have to be performed at the end of a call, resulting in increased wrap time before agents can take a new call.

One of the best ways to help agents better their performance is by having side-by-side training with a supervisor, manager or agent within the firm who has demonstrated a good performance in keeping their hold and wrap times low.  One-to-one tuition will help agents discover how to optimise their calls and provide better customer service, whilst not embarrassing employees in front of a group.

Another way that agents can prepare themselves is to have a cheat sheet loaded onto their screen with various quick conversational points.  This will help individuals offer good customer service whilst they are filling in the various onscreen forms.

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