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Decentralisation of call centres

Call centres are changing.  Many companies have decided to decentralise their call centres meaning they have remote agents that work from home.  This trend is likely to continue based on a recent study.  The study examined managers in companies supplying telephone answering services to see whether they would use workers from home rather than continue to hire individuals for their headquarters.  It was found that 84% would definitely hire remote agents.  This trend is occurring because there is a pool of employees that qualify for the jobs, but may not be able to get to the headquarters.  In this way the call centres are able to take advantage of the workers and provide lower fixed costs to their clients.

A smaller office centre in any business means lower overheads.  When people work from home, it generally means that they take care of their expenses from the wages they earn.  They need a computer, software, and other hardware to do the job.  This is usually supplied by the telephone answering company, yet the costs are still lower than also setting up an office for them.

Traditional call centres use local talent and it seems this may be coming to an end.  Remote agents also offer more advantages to a company.  For example, agents work on their schedule so there can be more flexibility in the work.  A person in another time zone can work for the same company but work during their daylight hours, eliminating workers being at the call centre overnight and costing more money.

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