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Debt collection aided with outbound dialler

Debt collection can be part of the work for many call centres. Whilst the vast majority of customers may pay on time, there are times when telephone answering services have to start chasing unpaid invoices and try to settle the debt. In a new report, it has been discovered that using an outbound dialler aids pick-up rates and debt collection.

The case in point was discovered when Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (C.A.R.S.) began to change the way they treated outbound calls. As part of their call centre environment, C.A.R.S. uses agents to conduct both inbound and outbound calls. In addition, a PCI compliance module and call recording technologies are used. By using an inbound self-help menu that automates the paying process, many customers ready to settle their debt can do so without speaking to an agent. This aids PCI compliance because banking details are not recorded at any time. Those who do wish to speak to staff members can stay on the line to talk about their invoice.

However, one of the features that has allowed debt recovery to increase is the ability to assign telephone numbers to outbound calls at the calling list, campaign and customer level. The numbers, known as CLIDs, allow individuals returning calls to be routed to the right agent. Head of collections at C.A.R.S., Graham Vincent-Scott, said: “Features such as local and mobile number presentation have also increased answer rates, talk time and ultimately the amount of debt we are able to recover.”

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