GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Dealing with requests for information

Companies that are paying out for marketing and other services will want customers to be calling in to request information.  This is where a telephone answering service could be useful.  New businesses in particular may not have the staff available to handle these calls, or maybe only during certain hours, so outsourcing to a call centre can provide the solution.

Every call is a potential customer and having a team on hand to send out both electronic and hard copy brochures is essential.  The information that is gathered in this way could be invaluable for the future.  The information is formatted so that it is instantly accessible and the client can begin to build a database that can be used in marketing campaigns in the future.

The call centre team is also able to analyse the different types of leads that come in, so that the information can be passed to the client in a very useful format.  The different advertisements that are being responded to can be logged so that the client is able to gauge which of its advertising campaigns are the most successful.  Some of the hottest leads can then be forwarded immediately – even while they are still on the phone.

The real-time reporting is of great benefit to the client as there is no waiting for analysis and statistics.  Changes can be made instantly and the client remains in control of the process throughout.

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