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Data sharing is essential for increased customer loyalty

Data sharingThe modern era is one of consumer choice, and it only takes a single bad experience for people to leave a brand in favour of a competitor. Therefore, it is essential to boost customer loyalty. For many call centres, this is prioritised by optimising the quality of customer services. However, sharing marketing campaign data with customer experience staff is also vital.

The latest suggestion comes from Webhelp Chief Executive Officer David Turner. He explained that companies invest millions into marketing every year as a way to find new customers. However, once these consumers have been captured, it is important that telephone answering services continue to use the data to retain customers.

In today’s digitalised world, finding new customers and hanging onto them relies even more on positive word of mouth. This demands a lot of call centres, who need to retain consistently high customer journeys in order to transform shoppers into brand advocates. To ensure that people keep coming back and tell friends and family about a company, the experience must be excellent each and every time it is used. To support this, the data gathered by marketing teams can be used, offering insights such as when people like to ship, which devices they use, and what channels they prefer.

Turner said: “This changing world of digital and instant communication provides an enormous opportunity for brands to talk to potential new customers through that most powerful of mediums, customer advocates. When so much is invested in marketing to gain new customers and so much depends on keeping those customers happy, it is crucial to ensure the experience they have through your customer contact centres reflects you as a brand.”

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