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Dash buttons show evolution toward IoT

double exposure of hand showing Internet of things (IoT) word diagram as conceptFor a number of years, call centres and companies across the UK have been discussing the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it could affect the future of customer service. Now, that technology is beginning to appear in everyday life with the arrival of “Dash buttons” enabling one-stop product ordering with a single touch.

Amazon has recently introduced the buttons, which are Wi-Fi enabled. Approximately 40 brands have signed up for the device, including Pedigree, Andrex and Finish. Consumers simply touch the button when they need their stocks of dog food, toilet paper or dishwasher tablets to be replaced. It is then automatically ordered and distributed without the customer having to take any additional steps.

The arrival of such technology demonstrates how the IoT is starting to affect modern life, and it is something that telephone answering services need to take note of if they want to provide optimised consumer care over the coming years. Many firms will need to adopt IoT technology as the rising expectations of customers increase competitive pressure. For example, Dash buttons could become a new gateway into the customer journey, with buttons serving to trigger a call-back, courier or alternative request. Call centres can then offer further and more complex support once this initial contact has been made.

As IoT technology continues to evolve, it is important for firms to keep abreast of updates and uses, especially if they do not want to fall behind when it comes to understanding precisely what customers want.

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