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CX improved by new CallMiner and Ultracomms partnership

Female agent at call centreCallMiner and Ultracomms have revealed they plan to form a new partnership so that their customer experience (CX) solutions can be improved. This means that call centres throughout Britain will be able to utilise advanced cloud-based Interaction Analytics tools to gain even more insights into valuable data. This will allow agents to boost their performance and productivity.

By offering an integrated solution to telephone answering services, the two companies can provide a unique and powerful tool. It was revealed earlier in April that Ultracomms had been newly accredited as a Level 1 service provider for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v3.1. Combining this certificate with CallMiner’s powerful Eureka interaction analytics tool means that users will be able to analyse 100 per cent of their consumer data across various channels including chats, calls, social media and emails. This will provide a way for call centres to boost their performance, simplify FCA compliance, identify best practices and discover the optimal path for consumer interactions.

Ultracomms Chairman Robert Bates said: “By integrating CallMiner’s Eureka we can provide the insight and data our clients need to do just that. CallMiner’s solution stood out as both the best technological and cultural fit for our business and our own platform. We can see why they are ranked number one for customer satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, CallMiner Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jeff Gallino said that he was delighted to be working with Europe’s first cloud call centre services provider, adding that their partnership shows commitment to providing optimised customer experiences.

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