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Cut queue time and manage calls for best customer service

Customer Service Support Assistance Service Help Guide ConceptIn the world of call centres, everything is about customer services. With high amounts of competition and strong demands from consumers, it is now more difficult to do business than ever before. Social media, review sharing platforms and the internet as a whole now allow people to spread their customer experiences to millions of other people, potentially wreaking havoc for brands. Therefore, focussing on keeping consumers happy is vital.

For telephone answering services that want to optimise their service level, two things that must remain a priority are cutting queuing times and only answering the right type of calls. For example, in an era of automation, there are many ways that customers can help themselves, such as by moving through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, downloading apps or going online. By encouraging people to use these solutions, only calls that need to be handled by call centre agents will come through. This not only means customers can be provided with exactly what they need, but it also allows agents to focus on situations that really need their attention.

Cutting queue time is also extremely important, and reducing overall inbound traffic can help ease pressure on call centres. In the modern day, nobody likes to be kept waiting and everyone is busy. Therefore, companies should aim to answer calls within 90 seconds. Effective call routing can help to reduce this, as can using workforce management tools to ensure the right staffing levels.

It is essential for call centres to keep their focus on customer experience. Forgetting about this can quickly cause the tide to turn, and any previous success can be lost almost in an instant.

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