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Customising on-hold messages can increase satisfaction

on the phone23It has been revealed that if call centres want to boost customer satisfaction, providing customised on-hold messages is one move they should make. In a study conducted on behalf of PH Media Group, 1,000 people were questioned about their experiences with telephone answering services. Fifty-one per cent of those polled admitted they felt more appreciated if on-hold messages covered information and topics they could relate to.

The research shows just how important it is to play messages and make sure they are tailored to people’s needs. The survey also found that 54 per cent of those asked said firms appear more professional if they use bespoke messages. This response also found more favour with women, who react positively towards such customisation. In addition, on-hold marketing seems to be having a great effect, particularly with younger generations.

PH Media Group’s sales director, Mark Williamson, said: “These results will come as a surprise to many because generic ‘please hold’ messages are so often seen as an annoyance, as are music tracks looped endlessly while you wait to speak to someone.”

However, he added that the key term was “generic” and that if call centres want to give people a good experience, customised messages are required. “Rather than simply filling time, they should speak to customers and prospects on a more relevant and personal level and, as such, exploit an ideal opportunity to reflect specific brand values.”

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