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Customise engagement using personality type training

telephone212.1When it comes to customising consumer engagement, there are many methods that call centres can utilise. By using modern technology, agents can access people’s call and sales history and also pull up previous engagements. Although this gives telephone answering services an idea of their relationship with an individual, it doesn’t necessarily help agents interact with people properly. This is where personality type training can be useful.

This method of training is utilised by British Gas. At their call centre in Cardiff, agents are trained on how to recognise a number of various personality traits. For example, a controller is characterised by being direct, business-like and decisive. Feelers are sincere and considerate, and this can come across as being over-involved or indecisive. Thinkers are detailed and calm, and agents can pick up on their stubborn and sometime unimaginative traits. Finally, entertainers can be humorous and optimistic but also sarcastic and self-centred.

Through training, agents are asked to identify themselves as one of the above personalities to help recognise the categories callers might fall into. By understanding people’s personalities, advisors can more easily start the conversation off the right way, helping to facilitate a positive customer services engagement.

Understanding the customer is very important. It is vital to not only to know their purchase and query history with a firm, but also to dig a little deeper and understand what actually makes someone tick.

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