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Customise agent software with CallScripter solution

Interactive Intelligence has revealed their new CallScripter solution. This is an application that allows the customisation of agent software to boost call centre production. For telephone answering services, providing employees with powerful tools is essential if optimisation is to be seen. With the new CallScripter, inbound and outbound customer interactions can be carefully customised, allowing agents to maximise their potential and provide their clients the best care possible.

Jane Brett, Interactive Intelligence’s global channel director for CallScripter, said: “Our latest CallScripter application with the new unified desktop option for agents gives customers a more comprehensive solution so they can further improve service, increase agent productivity, and enhance compliance.”

The solution includes a variety of features, such as a unified agent desktop that is accessed via the Communication Toolbar to allow easier use. In addition, a faster and more effective service has been provided by the use of screen pop-ups, whilst Interaction Dialler campaigns can benefit from both inbound and outbound functionality. Call recording, agent status controls, secure pause and call reschedules have also been added.

The latest solution will provide call centres with a new and innovative tool to get the best from their agents and boost performance as a result. Staying on top of new technology remains vital for firms that want to remain competitive in a market where customers are able to switch more easily than ever before.

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