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Customisable desktops and business continuity essential cloud considerations

The world is becoming increasingly virtual, and the benefits of moving call centre operations to the cloud have been discussed many times. Even though most telephone answering services are now making use of cloud computing in one way or another, it is essential to avoid mistakes to get the most out of it. These include using solutions that do not allow a customisable desktop and making the error of not thinking about business continuity.

In the call centre environment, it is essential to make agents’ working lives as easy as possible. This often means simplifying desktops and cutting out all unnecessary operations. Opting for a cloud solution that does not allow companies to create a bespoke desktop is a huge mistake. Various teams often require different layouts when it comes to their interface, and as businesses evolve, these must change constantly. Being stuck with an inflexible desktop is frustrating, and it can negatively affect the bottom line.

When it comes to buying cloud solutions, it is also vital to consider ongoing business continuity. Call centres are the lifeline to customers, and it is essential that they are always operating when required. Cloud capabilities to look for include dual carrier network redundancy, secure data centres, and split traffic distribution across multiple data centres. All of these features should help ensure that operations never fail completely.

The cloud is an important modern resource for businesses, but it must be used correctly if operations are to remain seamless.

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