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Customers prefer email to phone calls

Computer keyboard,woman typingA new study has discovered that far more customers prefer to be contacted via email than with a traditional phone call. For call centres that want to engage with their consumers, the latest figures hold some important insights into the industry and add evidence to the fact that the telephone answering services industry is becoming more digital than ever.

ContactBabel’s latest survey found that only 12 per cent of customers prefer a phone call. That compares to 36 per cent who like companies to email them. In a study of more than 420 UK and US call centres, various other points of interest were also discovered. For example, the average cost of webchat in the UK is £2.58. This is only 73 per cent of the average cost of a phone call, and similar price points are noted for email. This means that firms could save money by increasing email contact whilst not having to compromise on customers’ preferences.

The survey also showed that the average salaries for new agents have risen by 5.1 per cent to £16,808. As many companies expand their digital channels and embrace an omnichannel approach, 40 per cent of call centres expect inbound call volumes to fall over the coming year.

For modern firms, the latest survey provides essential data on market trends. With many businesses focussing firmly on the customer, meeting their needs is of the utmost importance.

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