GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Customers increasingly ordering online

Many call centres dealing with telephone orders may have noted a huge drop off in traffic over the past few years.  This is largely due to the internet, with a lot of consumers ordering online instead of picking up the phone to use telephone answering services.  The result is that call centres have to diversify into web chat and other social media channels if they are to continue offering top customer services.

There are many reasons consumers have switched to the internet, with hectic lives, lower online prices and more convenience all being compelling factors.  Poor service from many call centres has also plagued the industry with negativity, making individuals far more likely to avoid calling companies if at all possible.  In some ways, the trend benefits companies, helping them to reduce costs and have a call centre that can focus on handling complaints and customer queries.  But, despite some experts suggesting the switch to online shopping could spell the end for customer services, it is quite the opposite.

As more people shop online, there is a greater need than ever for telephone answering services to diversify and utilise social media to reach out to consumers.  Web chat can be used on retail sites to help people shop and answer questions immediately, whilst social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be used to route consumers through to telephone lines.  Therefore, by embracing the online shopping experience, companies can provide an easy, efficient retail service and great customer service at the same time.

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