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Customers increasingly demanding self-service technology

Man touching virtual screenMarketing firm Gartner has reported that an increasing number of consumers expect self-service options. As a result, telephone answering services must provide these features to their customers or risk losing business to their competitors. With self-service technology expected to grow in popularity in the years to come, companies must ensure that they are providing high-quality options.

In the latest market research, Gartner said that they expect 85 per cent of business interactions to be carried out using self-service options by 2020. This means that customers will be speaking less with call centre agents and handling more services and features themselves.

This forecast is not surprising when one considers the fact that developing and delivering a high-quality and consistent omni-channel strategy is a top priority for many firms in 2016. This means that many people will begin their customer journeys via self-service options and only switch to other channels if they require more help.

mplsystems Chief Executive Paul White explained that many people now expect to be able to contact businesses through the channel of their choice. He said that in addition to wanting an array of options, they also expect a swift and accurate response.

“However, many contact centres are simply not equipped with the right technology to be able to successfully meet these demands. It is therefore important for them to review technology, processes and trends annually to ensure they are providing their customers with the best customer service possible,” he added.

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