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Customers driven to shop elsewhere by call centre frustrations

For those of us in the call centre services game it’s a hard stat to swallow but following a recent survey of 3,925 consumers in the United States, U.K., Germany and France it would appear 42% of all call centre calls are affected by voice-related issues.

The results of this survey also indicate should the customer have trouble understanding or hearing an agent, 68% will hang up. Worse still, if they’re calling about a new product or service they are likely to call a competing company instead.

It is therefore imperative that anyone striving to succeed in this industry recognises the importance of customer satisfaction and service. By that we don’t just mean the call handling agents themselves; effective customer satisfaction is determined by your entire operation. From the hardware to the software and everything in between.

As a company you need to be safe in the knowledge that when opting for outsourced business call centre services, your customers aren’t met by these frustrations and instead go with a call answering company that consistently outperforms their competitors and can offer a stress-free solution to your call handling needs.

…A company like Go Response.

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