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Customers benefit from 03 numbers

telephone212.1The past year has seen a lot of changes within the call centre industry, with companies being forced to pay new rates for various telephone numbers and advertise charges to their customers. As a result, the costs of calling, particularly from mobile phones, have risen. This can lead to increased negative branding, especially when people discover large phone bills at the end of the month. One way telephone answering services can mitigate the damage from these changes is by switching to 03 numbers.

Higher calling costs can have a big impact on companies. If people aren’t as eager to make calls, their customer journey can become broken. In addition, instead of gaining a quick answer to their query, individuals can become increasingly frustrated with a product or service. This makes it even more difficult to resolve things in a satisfactory way.

Expensive 08 numbers can be switched for 03 numbers, however. This reduces the cost to consumers, especially because calls to this code are included in mobile phone minutes, allowing many calls to be free. As a result, customers are more likely to contact call centres, thereby enabling them to have a more positive journey and have their problems and queries resolved. Of course, 01 and 02 local numbers can also be used, but a national 03 code can instil more confidence.

With customer care becoming increasingly important, it is essential to take steps to keep people happy. By switching to 03 numbers, call centres can boost their customer services.

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